Sunday 2 January 2011

Merry Christmas from Poland

Sunday 19 December 2010


MERRY CHRISTMAS from aurelija on Vimeo.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Schoolovision team from Poland went to the Czech Republic and Austria to meet partners

Ufoludki unplugged from Marek Fularz on Vimeo.

Folksschule Wildbach from Marek Fularz on Vimeo.

Friday 1 October 2010

The winners...from Iceland!

The Icelandic girls have come to school again and here you see them smiling with the trophy.

Monday 24 May 2010


Following a really tense live vote today, the results of this year's contest are now announced below.

You can watch the recorded FlashMeeting webcam conference here.

The Polish class, ready with their votes!

I would like to thank all 34 countries for their amazing work in putting together such wonderful songs and videos.

And the winner this year is....ICELAND!

Here is one of the Icelandic dancers, with the trophy!

1st........ICELAND.............252 points
2nd......CZECH REP..........236 points
3rd.......SCOTLAND...........156 points
4th.......TURKEY...............155 points
5th.......POLAND...............134 points
6th=.....FINLAND.............120 points
6th=.....GERMANY............120 points
8th.......ESTONIA...............115 points
9th.......SWEDEN................88 points
10th......CROATIA...............72 points
11th......BELGIUM..............68 points
12th=....NETHERLANDS.....48 points
12th=....SPAIN...................48 points
14th=....CYPRUS.................47 points
14th=....GREECE................47 points
16th......LATVIA.................37 points
17th......ITALY....................31 points
18th......WALES..................26 points
19th=.....ENGLAND.............24 points
19th=.....IRELAND..............24 points
21st=.....HUNGARY.............15 points
21st=.....LITHUANIA...........15 points
21st=.....ROMANIA..............15 points
24th......DENMARK.............13 points
25th......BASQUE COUNTRY.11 points
26th=....MALTA..................10 points
26th=....NORWAY...............10 points
26th=....PORTUGAL............10 points
29th......SLOVAKIA..............8 points
30th=....BULGARIA..............5 points
30th=....FRANCE..................5 points
32nd=...AUSTRIA.................3 points
32nd=...SLOVENIA...............3 points
34th.....REP of MACEDONIA..1 point


Thursday 20 May 2010


The grand day draws near and the excitement grows.
See how little time is left until the FINAL VOTING of Schoolovision 2010 is going to take place!

Voting will begin at 0900hrs, UK time, on Tuesday 25th May. As soon as the voting is completed, you will be able to watch a recording of the live-vote, here on the blog. Stay tuned...

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Wrap-up of all entries

Schoolovision 2010 in short clips.
All entries in alphabetical order
(all new, now including Wales).


Sunday 16 May 2010

The Netherlands- Spotlight Camera Microfoon

Hi, the children from the Netherlands are singing a song for you. A wonderful song from children for children! It's about being famous. Enjoy the song and vote for us. Bye, bye!

Latvia - The Flying Swings

Jelgava Elementary School N2 presents Latvia

in Schoolovision 2010


    Our song is called " The flying swings". The song was written for the film '' Electronic", the boy's name. It is very popular among children age 10-13.
     The song is about spring, holidays and happiness. Our school year is going to be over on the 31st of May and we are very happy to meet our long 3month summer holidays.

 Best wishes to big Schoolovision team!!!

Saturday 15 May 2010

SLOVENIA - So ptički se ženili

Dear Schoolovisioners! Here is our song for the contest.
It's a Slovenian folk song SO PTIČKI SE ŽENILI and it talks about the birds getting married. There are other animals at the wedding too, a fly, a mosquito, having fun...
The junior choir is performing, the 4 and 5 graders. Our music teacher Bojana taught them, they enjoyed singing the song and we all hope you'll enjoy listening to it.
Best regards from Prebold.
Good luck at the voting!

Republic of Macedonia- Macedonian Girl


This is the Turkish entry for Schoolovision 2010.

Our song is called "OYNAMA SHIKIDIM" and

it is sung by TARKAN.

We really enjoy it while singing.

Hope you will like it, too.

"Oh baby shikidim shikidim,

Oynama shikidim shikidim,

Wanna see you shikidim shikidim"

We wish Good Luck to everybody..!
Kisses from Nazire Merzeci Primary School, İzmir in TURKEY.

Friday 14 May 2010

Portugal - "Somente o necessário"

It's 2010 Portuguese'entry. I hope you all like it!
It's a well-know music from Disney that my students chose.
"The Bare Necessities" is a song, written by Terry Gilkyson, from the animated 1967 Disney film The Jungle Book sung by Phil Harris as Baloo and Bruce Reitherman as Mowgli.
The Lyrics in Portuguese:
Somente o necessário
Eu uso o necessário somente o necessário o extraordinário é demais
Eu digo o necessário somente o necessário por isso é que essa vida eu vivo em paz
Assim é que eu vivo e melhor não há. Eu só quero ter o que a vida me dá
Milhões de abelhas vão fazer fazer o mel pr’a eu comer
E se por acaso eu olhar pr’ó o chão tem formigas em profusão e então
O necessário pr’a fazer você terá você terá
(Repete a canção)
Eu uso o necessário somente o necessário o extraordinário é demais
Eu digo o necessário somente o necessário por isso é que essa vida eu vivo em paz
That’s because this life I live in peace , oh hea

Spain - Mamma mía

Hi, schoolovisioners. Here there is our video from Spain. The song that we've chosen is Mamma mía!. They're from 5th grade in our school and they are very excited about the contest. We hope you enjoy our song. Good luck everybody!

Belgium – Opzij, opzij, opzij / Step aside, step aside, step aside

This song is about how many people are too much in a rush. People have no time to stand still and enjoy the little things… And since we were last in the competition we too had to rush to be ready in time. Now we will stand still and enjoy the other video’s and relax! We'd like to thank Herman Van Veen for letting us use his song!

Schoolovision 2010 Belgium from Dave Schrauwen on Vimeo.

The lyrics in Dutch:

Opzij, opzij, opzij,
maak plaats, maak plaats, maak plaats,
wij hebben ongelofelijke haast.
Opzij, opzij, opzij,
want wij zijn haast te laat,
wij hebben maar een paar minuten tijd.

We moeten rennen, springen, vliegen, duiken, vallen, opstaan en weer doorgaan.
We kunnen nu niet langer, we kunnen nu niet langer blijven staan.

Een andere keer misschien
dan blijven we wel slapen
en kunnen dan misschien als het echt moet,
wat over koetjes, voetbal en de lotto praten,
nou dag tot ziens, adieu het gaat je goed.

We moeten rennen, springen, vliegen, duiken, vallen, opstaan en weer doorgaan.
We kunnen nu niet langer, we kunnen nu niet langer blijven staan.

The lyrics in English:

Step aside, step aside, step aside
make room, make room, make room,
we’re in an incredible hurry!
Step aside, step aside, step aside,
because we are almost too late
We only have a few minutes left!

We must run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up and continue again.
We can’t no longer, we can’t no longer stand still.

Maybe another time
then we might be able to sleep over
and when it really has to be,
we can talk about cows, football and the lottery,
well good day, goodbye, so long, I hope you take care!

We must run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up and continue again.
We can’t no longer, we can’t no longer stand still.

Best wishes from: Mattias, Rinaldo, Mats, Dries, Steven, Anne, Hanne, Quirina, Lotte, Bjorn, Lena, Annelies, Birte, Jens, Thomas, Maarten, Emma, Merel, Frederik, Jobbe, Ine and Mr. Dave

We wish you all the best of luck and we liked being in the competition very much already!

The Czech republic - "Drak" (The Dragon)

Here is our entry for Schoolovision 2010. This year we present the song "Drak" (The Dragon).

The song was composed by Ales Cuma from Suzaplay band just for us. The part of the video was shooted at the main city square.
You can use subtitles added to the video to understand the lyrics.

We had a lot of fun with the Dragon and we hope you will like it.

FRANCE- Lo Brisa-Pè

Here is our entry for Schoolovision 2010. It's quite different from last year's entry as we chose to sing and dance a traditional occitanian song. The occitanian language is a very old one, spoken in the South-West of France before this region was integrated into the kingdom of France. We hope you like it!
You can also see our very nice village in the video, maybe one day you'll come and visit us?

French contribution to schoolovision from Katja Auffret on Vimeo.

Lo Brisa-Pè

Ont te'n vas, te'n vas Jan Maria
Ont te'n vas , te'n vas de bon matin?
- Me'n vau a la vila
Cercar une filha
Quand torni a l'ostal
Soi piètre coma un gal

Ont te'n vas, te'n vas Jan Maria
Ont te'n vas , te'n vas de bon matin?
- Me'n vau a la noça
Faire la bambocha
Quand torni a l'ostal
Soi magre coma un gal

Ont te'n vas, te'n vas Jan Maria
Ont te'n vas , te'n vas de bon matin?
- Me'n va a la picina
Nadar ambe la cosina
Ne torni a l'ostal
Fièr coma un perdigal.

Thursday 13 May 2010

Wales - Ar hyd y nos/ Men of Harlech/ We'll Keep a welcome in the hillside

Llangewydd Junior School proudly presents their Schoolovision 2010 entry.
A medley of three traditional Welsh songs.
Ar hyd y nos, Men of Harlech and We'll Keep a welcome in the hillside.

We all hope you enjoy it. Good luck for the live voting on May 25th.


England- Aiken Drum

Here is our entry for 2010.

Our whole school is on the video!
Our song is not English but as we have now discovered a Scottish traditional song. We like to sing this song at our school. The pupils have made some super illustrations but due a technical hitch...they are to follow!
All the best to you from all the pupils at Church Aston and Annie :)

CYPRUS - Loulla mou Maroulla mou

This is a Cyprus folk song, in Cypriot dialect. We decided to change part of the song and transformed it into a hip hop tempo, while the refrain is kept as the traditional song. People used to sing it after lunchtime when all the family gathered together. It was usually sung without music where people kept the beat by knocking the forks on their dishes.
Enjoy our song with movie clips taken from our village, Agros and we hope you like our Cyprus traditional costumes…

Bulgaria song - We expect the impossible

We expect the impossible

I hear the colours
I draw with music in class
Are you following my thought again?
I want more attention about a cover of a magazine.
quadratic equation,devision
I know the exact decision.
Hey,hear us together!
Get in class with us!
We know more,we can more,
we want our things.
I am still a little girl
but soon i'll be in class.
We are the best in dancing
We jump for all of you
Football is my passion
and i'll be Berbatov.
The Oscar is only mine,
it's about my enormous knowledge.
Hey,you know!
I want laugh and dreams!
We know more,we can more,
we want just wonderful things!

Sweden - MACKEN

Welcome to Roy and Roger´s fillingstation and garage. Roy and Roger are two brothers that always do everything together. They are not very clever, and they make a lot of stupid mistakes. But they are happy anyway. Customers come and customers go. One day a big star appears, and for once Roy and Roger become heroes.

Coline, our EU-volonteer from France, who have made the film, chose to show the "dramatic" film clip first.

Good luck to all of you! Anna-Lena

Iceland - Dancing Queen

Here comes the video from Iceland. The 5th grade pupils were in the biggest acting role this time. The biggest part of the video was taken on a trip to an island called Videy close to Reykjavik. They were visiting John Lennon’s monument. His wife, Yoko Ono rose this monument some years ago. This is a strong light beam who lights up the sky in October to December every year. This year we are presenting the ABBA melody The Dancing Queen. Please have a look.

Dancing Queen by ABBA

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Germany - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime