Thursday, 13 May 2010

CYPRUS - Loulla mou Maroulla mou

This is a Cyprus folk song, in Cypriot dialect. We decided to change part of the song and transformed it into a hip hop tempo, while the refrain is kept as the traditional song. People used to sing it after lunchtime when all the family gathered together. It was usually sung without music where people kept the beat by knocking the forks on their dishes.
Enjoy our song with movie clips taken from our village, Agros and we hope you like our Cyprus traditional costumes…


Michael said...

Great costumes, great video, lovely singing!
Cyprus looks wonderful at this time of year- I think you have inspired me to bring my family there one year at Easter!

Good luck in the voting, from Scotland.

Steffen said...

Nice one!
I like the mixture of the traditional and the modern music.
And the children seem to enjoy both styles as well.
Thank you for this entry!

Katja from France said...

Hi Niki and all children from Cyprus!
We really love the way you sing this traditional song, even the body language is there!

Greece said...

Πάρα πολύ καλό...μας αρέσει το στυλ παραδοσιακό-hip hop. Good luck from Greece!

jobbe said...

hello cyprus,
its very good clip and one very nice sung.

Good luck in the votting,from belguim

bye bye