Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bulgaria song - We expect the impossible

We expect the impossible

I hear the colours
I draw with music in class
Are you following my thought again?
I want more attention about a cover of a magazine.
quadratic equation,devision
I know the exact decision.
Hey,hear us together!
Get in class with us!
We know more,we can more,
we want our things.
I am still a little girl
but soon i'll be in class.
We are the best in dancing
We jump for all of you
Football is my passion
and i'll be Berbatov.
The Oscar is only mine,
it's about my enormous knowledge.
Hey,you know!
I want laugh and dreams!
We know more,we can more,
we want just wonderful things!


Michael said...

Well done Svetla, and Bulgaria!
Your video is cleverly put together, showing lots of things from your school!
Good luck from Scotland.

Katja from France said...

hey, what a modern music, the kids will like that!
Very professional video too