Friday, 14 May 2010

The Czech republic - "Drak" (The Dragon)

Here is our entry for Schoolovision 2010. This year we present the song "Drak" (The Dragon).

The song was composed by Ales Cuma from Suzaplay band just for us. The part of the video was shooted at the main city square.
You can use subtitles added to the video to understand the lyrics.

We had a lot of fun with the Dragon and we hope you will like it.


Steffen said...

Great to see your enthusiastic children again this year!

Michael said...

Well done Dana, Brno and the Czech Republic! :-)

It's great to see the same children so involved in such a complex production.

Very best wishes for the voting, from Scotland.

Katja from France said...

Wow, what a fantastic production! The children love the dragon, especially the one who's flying away!

Kolbrún Svala said...

Hi hi
We love the dragon, who amasing to se it fly ;-)
Nice to the the same children sing again.
Really smart video, fun to see.

Maarten from Belguim said...

It is a nice and beautiful voices clibje goog music!
Nice work!

Kind regards and good luck to you all from Belgium!

Anonymous said...

Hello all. It has been nicely sung a song. Much luck. Greetings from Belgium.

Serap ŞAHNA said...

oww, your video is so great and creative. Your song is too, I like it.

Good luck from Turkey.

Serap ŞAHNA said...
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Ingrid Maadvere said...

Estonian children like your song and video very much. You can do it again.

Good luck


Petr Nemec said...


if you'd like to be involved and in connection with the Czech "Dragons" check out Facebook fan profile too:

More videos also at:

Greatings from Czech


Sóllilja said...

Hi there, this is a cool video

Good luck from Iceland :) :)


Sóllilja said...

Hi there, this is cool video.

Good luck from Iceland :) :)


Jökull said...

hello from iceland

A very nice song, you got my twelve points :D

Bjorg said...

Well done Czech Republic :-)

Wish you all the best.

Bjarni said...

I think it was a good song

Bjarni said...

I think it was a good song Bjarni Iceland

Helga901 said...

Well done i like it!

best wishes from iceland:)

Urdur Helga said...

this is one of my favorite vidios
from schoolovision.
I think the singing is pretty good and the dragon is fabulus.
Best wishes for the voting.
Urdur from Iceland.