Thursday, 13 May 2010

Iceland - Dancing Queen

Here comes the video from Iceland. The 5th grade pupils were in the biggest acting role this time. The biggest part of the video was taken on a trip to an island called Videy close to Reykjavik. They were visiting John Lennon’s monument. His wife, Yoko Ono rose this monument some years ago. This is a strong light beam who lights up the sky in October to December every year. This year we are presenting the ABBA melody The Dancing Queen. Please have a look.

Dancing Queen by ABBA


Marek Fularz said...

As usual, excellent video clip from Iceland :)

Enseignante,Corina CIOBANU said...

Lovely the song as Abba. We love it!

Michael said...

Highly professional and creative video, Iceland! :-)

Well done, it's sure to do well.
Best wishes from all in Scotland.

Katja from France said...

I love that song! You always feel good when you hear it.
The girls are really professional.

Hope your volcano will sllep again soon.

Greece said...

Excellent video. Gongratulations! We wish you good luck!

Lena said...

Hi there

I like this video
Its verry verry good!
well done!

Kind regards and good luck to you all from belgium!

Svetoslava Georgieva said...

You got on a high level than ABBA!
Thanks for the joy to remind this lovely song and atmosphere
Good luck :)

lotte from begium said...

i relly like your song.
It's amazing and original.
I like you dance moves.
I remember me of Abba.

break a leg
of lotte from belgium ! xx

Ingrid Maadvere said...

We like how you sing and dance.

Good luck!

Ingrid from Estonia

hanne said...

HI there

This is a very beautiful video clip.

Complete we done.
and luck still much with de game.

greetings from Belgium.

Bjarki said...

Thanks this is really best song in the competition

Bjarki said...

thanks this is really best song in the competition

Bjarki said...

Thanks this is really best song in the competition

Anonymous said...

What a lovely video! Well done Iceland... And great singers too.