Sunday, 16 May 2010

Latvia - The Flying Swings

Jelgava Elementary School N2 presents Latvia

in Schoolovision 2010


    Our song is called " The flying swings". The song was written for the film '' Electronic", the boy's name. It is very popular among children age 10-13.
     The song is about spring, holidays and happiness. Our school year is going to be over on the 31st of May and we are very happy to meet our long 3month summer holidays.

 Best wishes to big Schoolovision team!!!


Michael said...

A very well known song in my house, Larisa !:-)
As soon as my wife and children heard it, they started singing all the words.

Thank you for your entry- and good luck from Scotland to the "Land that Sings!"

Larisa said...

Thank you Michael!!!

Anonymous said...

Очень позитивно и Солнечно!

Замечательные дети, замечательные звонкие голоса.

Спасибо Вам! Удачи!

Alex said...

Thanks. It's so nice!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Children sing very well and I know the song too.

Estonian children wish you good luck!


Unknown said...

Супер! Молодцы! Лариса Яновна у вас восхитительный музыкальный талант! :)

Thomas said...

Hi there,
we think il's a nicc vedeoclip!
It is veres well sung good luk on voting!

Wie ar from Belgium.

bragi said...

it was werry good