Friday, 14 May 2010

Spain - Mamma mía

Hi, schoolovisioners. Here there is our video from Spain. The song that we've chosen is Mamma mía!. They're from 5th grade in our school and they are very excited about the contest. We hope you enjoy our song. Good luck everybody!


Michael said...

Thank you Spain for your entry! :-)

A well known song and good singing from your pupils- good luck for the voting- I know you are all excited about it!

Best wishes from Scotland.

Katja from France said...

Oh, a second Abba song, great! We all love Abba and will sing along. Thank you Spain

Birte said...

Hi, I know this song, I've seen the musical and you have the super sang and played the guitar very well, and with the blocks. Lots of luck with the contest! Greetings from Birte.
From Qworzo

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Estonian children like the song and special greetings to the guitar player.

Good luck!

Bjarki said...

hi mamma mia is good song