Sunday, 9 May 2010

Schoolovision 2010 Ireland!

Untitled from Mary Rust on Vimeo.


Michael said...

Well done Ireland- I know you had a lot of trouble getting your video online, but you managed it in the end!

Good luck in the voting, from Scotland.

Hannele and Mari said...

Well done your song is very good, a fair chance of winning.

Good luck Ireland

Miia and Natalia (Scotland) :D :D :D said...

Well done Ireland,

That was very good!!!

Well done (again)!!!

Thanks for the great video,


Miia and Natalia


;) ;) ;)

Pupils WorldWide said...

It's a hard work to make such a video,but a pleasure to see how the children love to act. The best wishes from Denmark

Katja from France said...

thank you for this nice song. The children danced well too.

Anonymous said...

Ik vond julie lied mooi.Jullie konden ook goed dansen en nog veel succes!