Saturday, 1 May 2010

Italy - Ci vuole un fiore (you need a flower)

our Students 6 year old,introduce a very popular italian children's song
that often we sing at school. It is a poem written by Gianni Rodari and
Sergio Endrigo.
It tells you the secret of how to make everything : need a
to make a table you need wood, to make a wood you need a tree
to make a tree you need a seed ,to make a seed you need a fruit
to make a fruit you need a flower ,to make a table you need a flower.

To make a flower you need a branch, to make a branch you need a tree
to make a tree you need a woods,to make a woods you need a mountain
to make a mountain you need a rootery,to make rootery you need a flower
to make everything you need a flower

We hope you enjoy it,

Good luck to everyone !! :)

Ci vuole un fiore_schoolovision2010 from 3° Circolo Bagheria on Vimeo.


Mari (scotland) said...

Very good, you have a great chance.One of the best so far

aurum said...

Molto bello:)

Ursula + Maria said...

They look so nice!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Great song and I love the decorations. Who painted them?

Ingrid from Estonia

Michael said...

What a great song! I really love the colourful costumes and catchy tune :-)

Well done and best wishes in the voting from Scotland!

Pupils WorldWide said...

Very impressive, it must has been a great work,and you've got a fine result. Good luck to you and your children from Denmark

anna-lena said...

Yes, you need seed and some kind of flower for many things in life. That could be a theme to work with in school... or maybe in an e-twinningproject :)).
I really like the tune ... it has invade my music branch in my brain... so I will hum on it all day. Can we have the notes? anna-lena, Sweden

Loredana said...

thank you very much, I read all your comments with my students and the were so happy.

Ingrid: lovely to hear you like decorations, teachers of kindergarden painted trees and flowers. They have great skills in art. Instead apple, pear, grapes and pomegranate you see in the video were made by young students during Autumn's activities

Loredana said...

Hi Anna Lena, I have just sent you song sheet for guitar and the tune on mp3 file.
I hope they are what you were looking for ;)

aurum said...

And my students want this song. Please:)

Miia and Mika (Scotland) said...

One of the best so far!!You are all very good and we love your flower costumes!You were are all very loud and clear!!!

Thanks for the great video,

Miia and Mika (Scotland)


Esa-Pekka and Sinikka said...

You made a very good song.

Esa-Pekka and Sinikka ~(Scotland)

Katja from France said...

Hello Loredana and all children. We really love your song, it's so colourful and optimistic.
Congratulations for the paintings too.