Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Poland - Zielone Ufoludki (Green Aliens)

Zielone Ufoludki (Green Aliens) from Marek Fularz on Vimeo.

My brother still read about aliens
Stars, planets and orbits
Nothing else he doesn’t want to hear
Even he write letters to the UFO
Finally, he deserved to be rewarded
And he saw a flying saucer
Because they landed in the garden today
Vehicle of the green Aliens

Chorus: Green hair, green shoes
            The whole Aliens are green


anna-lena said...

An easy and glad tune and a funny performance.What is the song about? anna-lena

Hanno (Scotland) said...

Great song,cool name aswell!!!!

Johanna and irja said...

A very good song poland!!!

from Johanna and irja (scotland)

Esa-Pekka and Sinikka (Scotland) said...

Wow that is a good song. We like the choice of the song!

Esa-pekka and Sinikka (Scotland)

Eveliina and Pilvi (Scotland) said...

That was an excellent song, we can't say how good it was. How long did it take to get it perfect? Eveliina and Pilvi (Scotland) xxxx

GOOD lUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael said...

An excellent effort, Marek- well done! Full of colour and humour- I think it will do well in the voting.

Best wishes from Scotland.


aurum said...

A very good:)
from Lithuania

Loredana said...

Great song and great work, Marek. My students enjoyed your colored performance ;)


Dana said...

Well done, Marek. We like your song very much.

Pupils WorldWide said...

Hi Marek
Congratulation to the fine result. We wish you and your children good luck from Denmark.

Ursula + Maria said...

We listened to your video today.
We like it very much!

Greetings from Austria

Elisabeth Berdev said...

Very nice song! The costumes are simple but great and effecive! The melody is nice! We like it! Greetings from the 1.b class from Wildbach in Austria :-)

Steffen said...

Very creative and fun to watch!

Enseignante,Corina CIOBANU said...

A very coloured video and very hapy. Good luck in the competition!

Johanna(Scotland) said...

I love you'r song Poland!!Really good choice!


Katja from France said...

Hello to all Polish aliens! We really enjoyed listening and watching your video. It's very colourful and close to the children's imagination!

Greece said...

Very nice song. Good luck. We like happy melodies!

Ingrid Maadvere said...

Estonian children like your song very much.

Good luck!