Thursday, 6 May 2010

Croatia - Spasimo Zemlju - Save the Earth

text and music by Mrs. Gordana Evacic.Pupils from the GLOBE and ENO group are singing with our school choir.
Video spot is made by the teachers Olivia Bosnjak, Đurđica Krcmar, Darko Gabaj and Darko Herbai.
Here are two videos, one in divX (52 MB) format and the second is in the wma (17 MB)
Good luck to all!

divX for fast connection

Spasimo Zemlju - Save the Earth from dherbai on Vimeo.

Spasimo Zemlju - Save the Earth from dherbai on

wma for slow connection


Marek Fularz said...

I understand almost everything ;)

Michael said...

Congratulations, Croatia, I think this is really wonderful!
A great tune, catchy chorus and a very strong message...not to mention excellent singing from your pupils.

Good luck for the voting from Scotland, Darko!

Ursula + Maria said...

Your song deals with a current topic - very well done!!


Riina ( scotland ) :D :D :) said...

Hi its riina ( Scotland ),

I REALLY like this song as i think its going to make pepole think twice before littering and cutting down all the wonderfull trees of the world .

I think you have a chance of winning this year , I also think the male singers in this video have lovely voices .

Thank you XX

Enseignante,Corina CIOBANU said...

Your song is treating a subject that all of us have problems with it. Great and good-luck!

Katja from France said...

Very nice song and good performers. it's very important to care about our planet and this is a good way to make children recognize it!