Monday, 10 May 2010

Estonia - A song about a song (Laul laulust)

Laul laulust from Ingrid Maadvere on Vimeo.

A song doesn’t feed you or give you a drink
A song doesn’t set our table.
A song is not made for eating
It’s joy that makes you sing!

If you’re hungry, do some work
The bigger eaters must work harder!
Let the song fly across the sky
The tune will never fade away.

Beauty can never be bottled
A song can never be turned into bread
But still you can’t live without
Singing and playing!

Let the song keep you warm in the cold
Let it give you strength
The song will feed your soul
Music will warm your heart.

A word can’t be eaten
A song can’t be drunk
But still I’ll say it again:
Without joy there’s only sadness!

Without music you don’t feel well
Without joy it’s all so dull
Beauty can’t be bottled
Beauty will live forever.


Kolbrún Svala said...

Your song is realy good. I like it. You sing like an angles. Interesting video too. ;-)
Kolbrún (Iceland)

Dana said...

Great song, excellent singers...
Well done, Estonia!

femfemman said...

You made it again, Ingrid! I love your song and your excellent singers! Anna-Lena

Michael said...

Well done Ingrid- it's a lovely song, and beautifully sung by the children.
My pupils like it very much too!

Best wishes from Scotland, for the voting.

Ursula + Maria said...

You are really excellent singers!

irja(Scotland) said...

I LOVED your video!! it was amazing

Janaa ( Scotland ) said...

You sing like angels,I love your song its exelently put together.WELL DONE!

Juha(Scotland) said...

You guys are awesome!I think you have a chance of winning this year.

Miia and Natalia ;) ;) ;) said...


Loved your song last year and you have seemed to have done it again!!!

The singers were VERY good and the quality was AMAZING!!!

Thanks for the great video,


Miia and Natalia

;) ;) ;)


allisa said...

You sing like angels and cool song.
from allisa (scotland)

Hanno (Scotland) said...

Great song!
You could win this year!
One of the best songs I have seen so far!

Riina in Scotland said...

Hi it's Riina ( Scotland ) here.

A lovely song Estonia. What lovely singing voices you all have .I REALLY enjoyed your song. In fact, it was one of my favourites. WELL DONE !!!!


From Riina ( Scotland ) :):D xx

Ahvo,Esa pekka,Scotland said...

Nice video,I hope you do well!!!

Ahvo,Esa pekka


Pupils WorldWide said...

Excellent work. We all enjoyed it very much. Good luck in the competition.

Steffen said...

Very nice song!

What else could we expect from the country of the singing revolution!


Sinikka and Scotland said...

Wow! What a very good song you have got. It was one of the best so far! Hope you do well in Schoolovision 2010!

Katja from France said...

you're children are excellent singers, congratulations!
We liked your song very much

aurum said...

Very nice song!


Greece said...

Angel's voices and as always professional work. Well done Estonia!! Good luck from Greece!

Serap ŞAHNA said...

High voice quality and nice song.

Good luck from Turkey.

Bjorg said...

Great song, your girls sing very well...
Best wish from me and Iceland.